Breakthrough for teen ironwoman


Piha’s Hannah Williams won both the under-19 and open ironwoman races at the Eastern Regional surf lifesaving championshis today. Photo by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Media Services

Piha teenager Hannah Williams broke through for her first major ironwoman win at a memorable Eastern Regional surf lifesaving championships today.

The 17-year-old won the under-19 title in heavy shorebreak in Mount Maunganui and was convinced by coach Steve Ferguson to forgo a break and try for the open title as well.

“I was on the finish line after the under-19s and Steve said ‘the open women are on the line – do you want to do it?’. I was pretty smashed but there’s always a little bit of energy left, so I thought why not,” Williams said. “Some of my other races were pretty average so I thought the under-19 final was going to be the one… it turned out I had two in me!”

Although the open women’s field was missing Mairangi Bay’s Danielle McKenzie – who nursed an ankle injury through the two-day carnival – and Omanu’s Devon Halligon, Williams still beat home accomplished Mount Maunganui locals Jess Miller and Katie Wilson.

It backed up a great start to the season, after finishing second behind Piha teammate Kirsty Wannan at the Mount Monster endurance race before Christmas.

“I didn’t feel that confident going into it because the under-19 field is pretty strong at the moment but this weekend has definitely given me a boost.”

The ironman title went to Australian-based Omanu star, and reigning national champion, Max Beattie.  He headed home his Omanu teammate Ben Cochrane, with Muriwai’s Jake Allen third, after also taking out the board race and surf race finals.

No-one could stop the rampant Mount Maunganui team taking out the club points title, meanwhile, finishing on 178 points after two days, 107 clear of second-placed Mairangi Bay, with Piha third on 62.

It’s a continuation of the club’s recent dominance at national level.  Highlights from the weekend included victory in the open men’s taplin, taking out the top three placings in both the under-19 men’s and women’s board race finals and having six-man teams finish first and second in the under-16 taplin.

Across their teams, Mount collected five of the six taplin titles across the three agegroups, finishing second in the open women’s behind Mairangi Bay.

Mairangi Bay had a good day in the boats too, taking first and third in the open men’s long course final, sandwiching second-placed Titahi Bay, with Red Beach winning the open women’s title.


Results from the second day of the Eastern Regional surf lifesaving championships at Mount Maunganui’s Main Beach today.

Open Mens Run-Swim-Run
Ben Gillies (Piha) 1, Jake Allen (Muriwai) 2, Adam Simpson (Mt Maunganui) 3, Nick Ayers (Omanu) 4, George Hunter (Mairangi Bay) 5, Ben Cochrane (Omanu) 6, Shaun Pahina (Midway) 7, Oliver Puddick (Mt Maunganui) 8, Ciaran Ryan (Lyall Bay) 9, Cameron Hayes (Mt Maunganui) 10.

Open Mens 2km Beach Run
Nick Berry (Piha) 1, Wayne Howarth (East End) 2, Jacob Rennie (Mairangi Bay) 3, William Dansereau (Mt Maunganui) 4.

Open Mens Ski Race
Oliver Puddick (Mt Maunganui) 1, Danny Morrison (Mairangi Bay) 2, Steven Ferguson (Piha) 3, Jack Wilson (Orewa) 4, Ben Cochrane (Omanu) 5, Kevin Morrison (Mairangi Bay) 6, Tyler Maxwell (Lyall Bay) 7, Taris Harker (Omanu) 8, Michael Bryant (Papamoa) 9.

Open Mens Ski Relay
Mairangi Bay (Danny Morrison/Kevin Morrison/Michael Lee) 1, Mt Maunganui (Sam Shergold/Andrew Newton/Oliver Puddick) 2, Omanu (Taris Harker/Max Beattie/Ben Cochrane) 3, Mt Maunganui (Michael Waide/Julien Lalanne/Adam Simpson) 4, Piha (Steven Ferguson/Adam Parker/Sean Newcombe) 5, Orewa (Jack Wilson/Zachery Franich/James Scott) 6, Papamoa (Michael Bryant/Scott Cowdrey/Matthew Strange) 7, Mt Maunganui (Sam Roy/Brad Wiley/Lewis Rosewell) 8, St Clair (Angus MacKenzie/Hamish Taylor/James Coombes) 9, East End (Joel Meuli/Wayne Howarth/Scott Paterson) 10.

Open Mens Board Relay
Mt Maunganui (Andrew Newton/Sam Shergold/Lewis Rosewell) 1, Piha (Ben Gillies/Adam Parker/Ryan Delaney) 2, Red Beach (Matthew Thetford/Daniel Cairns/Jack Gavin) 3, Omanu (Max Beattie/Ben Cochrane/Samuel Pasley) 4, Mairangi Bay (Kevin Morrison/George Hunter/Bjorn Battaerd) 5, Mt Maunganui (Cameron Hayes/Julien Lalanne/Oliver Puddick) 6, Papamoa (Scott Cowdrey/Mason Bryant/Matthew Strange) 7, Mt Maunganui (Perry Farrell/Adam Simpson/ Cameron Witney) 8, St Clair (Joel Davies/Hamish Trembath/Alex Thomson) 9, Omanu (Nick Ayers/Robert Sheard//Taris Harker) 10.

Open Mens Board Race
Max Beattie (Omanu) 1, Sam Shergold (Mt Maunganui) 2, Scott Cowdrey (Papamoa) 3, Matthew Thetford (Red Beach) 4, Kevin Morrison (Mairangi Bay) 5, Julien Lalanne (MT Maunganui) 6, Lewis Rosewell (Mt Maunganui) 7, Matthew Strange (Papamoa) 8, Ben Gillies (Piha) 9, Bjorn Battaerd (Mairangi Bay) 10.

Open Mens Beach Flags
Morgan Foster (Sth Brighton) 1, Murdoch Finch (Omanu) 2, Stefan Powney (Orewa) 3, Fraser Cameron (Sth Brighton) 4, Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) 5, Daniel Rippon (Piha) 6, Malcolm MacDonald (Mt Maunganui) 7, Sam Paterson (Mairangi Bay) 8, Alex Rippon (Piha) 9=, William Dansereau (Mt Maunganui) 9=.

Open Mens Ironman
Max Beattie (Omanu) 1, Ben Cochrane (Omanu) 2, Jake Allen (Muriwai) 3, Julien Lalanne (Mt Maunganui) 4, Adam Simpson (Mt Maunganui) 5, Bjorn Battaerd (Mairangi Bay) 6, Oliver Puddick (Mt Maunganui) 7, Jack Gavin (Red Beach) 8, Tyler Maxwell (Lyall Bay) 9, Ben Gillies (Piha) 10.

Open Womens Run-Swim-Run
Carina Doyle (St Clair) 1, Georgia Harris Wainui) 2, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 3, Magali Rousseau (Mt Maunganui) 4, Jessica Miller (Mt Maunganui) 5.

Open Mens Taplin Relay
Mt Maunganui (Adam Simpson/Perry Farrell/Oliver Puddick/Julien Lalanne/Andrew Newton/Sam Shergold) 1, Omanu (Joshua Jarvis/Ben Cochrane/Timothy Waller/Taris Harker/Max Beattie/ Samuel Pasley) 2, Mairangi Bay (Michael Buck/Bayden Botha/Michael Lee/Kevin Morrison/ George Hunter/Bjorn Battaerd) 3, Piha (Hayden Church/Sean Newcombe/Steven Ferguson/Adam Parker/Ben Gillies/Ryan Delaney) 4, Mt Maunganui (Cameron Hayes/Isaac Marshall/Michael Waide/Dylan Williams/Lewis Rosewell/Cameron Witney) 5, Lyall bay (Ciaran Ryan/Lewis Clareburt/Ben Manners/Tyler Maxwell/David Long/Tom Oolders) 6, Red Beach (Jack Gavin/Kees Kramer/Cody Richards/Brodie Campbell/Matthew Thetford/Daniel Cairns) 7, Midway (Matthew Scott/Shaun Pahina/Callum Torrie/Samuel Newlands/Blake Brown/Reeftahn Brown-Terekia) 8, Orewa (Cole Drinnan/Taine Johnston/Jack Wilson/Zachery Franich/James Scott/Tom Onley) 9, Mt Maunganui (Charlie Haynes/Hamish Miller/ Damian Munro/Lincoln Waide/Kane Sefton/Daniel Barron) 10.

Open Womens 2km Beach Run
Kate O’Malley (Westshore) 1, Victoria Clark (Mairangi Bay) 2, Vivien Conway (Mt Maunganui) 3.

Open Womens Ski Race
Teneale Hatton (Piha) 1, Katie Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 2, Madison Boon (Mairangi Bay) 3, Lucy Johnson (Sumner) 4, Emily Campbell (Mt Maunganui) 5.

Open Womens Board Relay
Piha (Kirsty Wannan/Hannah Williams/Teneale Hatton) 1, Mt Maunganui (Emily Campbell/Jessica Miller/Katie Wilson) 2, Omanu (Ella Pollock/Devon Halligan/Ashley Cochrane) 3, Mairangi Bay (Danielle McKenzie/Rachel Clarke/Madison Boon) 4, Midway (Olivia Corrin/Jessica Blakeman/Danielle Scott) 5.

Open Womens Board Race
Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Olivia Corrin (Midway) 2, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 3, Katie Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 4, Devon Halligan (Omanu) 5.

Open Womens Beach Flags
Olivia Eaton (Mt Maunganui) 1, Casie Ftall (Waikanae) 2, Hilary Harper (New Brighton) 3, Rosemary Knight (Mt Maunganui) 4, Shamay King (Mt Maunganui) 5, Georgia Newman (Mairangi Bay) 6, Lauren Johnson (Red Beach) 7, Flossie Lundon-Moore (Fitzroy) 8.

Open Womens Ironman
Hannah Williams (Piha) 1, Jessica Miller (Mt Maunganui) 2, Katie Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 3, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 4, Victoria Clark (Mairangi Bay) 5, Johanna O’Connor (Mt Maunganui) 6, Nicola Trott (Paekakariki) 7, Rebecca Bailey (Sth Brighton) 8, Lucy Johnson (Sumner) 9, Sarah Wilson (Fitzroy) 10.

Open Womens Taplin Relay
Mairangi Bay (Anna Jackson/Rachel Dodwell/Danielle McKenzie) 1, Mt Maunganui (Jessica Miller/Katie Wilson/Emily Campbell) 2, Mt Maunganui (Magali Rousseau/Brooke Shergold/Katrina Madill) 3, Piha (Kirsty Wannan/Teneale Hatton/Hannah Williams) 4, Dannielle O’Connor/Devon Halligan/Ashley Cochrane) 5, Mairangi Bay (Victoria Clark/Kayla McKenzie/Madison Boon) 6, St Clair (Carina Doyle/Lucy Matehaere/Olivia Gold) 7, Mt Maunganui (Vivien Conway/Johanna O’Connor/Laura Weston) 8, Midway (Olivia Corrin/Alex Bermingham/Jessica Blakeman) 9, Sumner (Brittany Tucker/Lucy Johnson/Brittany Andrews) 10.

U19 Mens Run-Swim-Run
Matthew Scott (Midway) 1, Lewis Clareburt (Lyall Bay) 2, Cameron Jeffery (Sumner) 3, Braydon Botha (Mairangi Bay) 4, Hamish Miller (Mt Maunganui) 5, Cole Drinnan (Orewa) 6, Morgan Brockelsby (Mt Maunganui) 7, Bailey Brandham (St Clair) 8, Charlie Haynes (Mt Maunganui) 9, Isaac Marshall (Mt Maunganui) 10.

U19 Mens Ski Race
Thomas Cole (Fitzroy) 1, Ashton Reiser (Mairangi Bay) 2, Lincoln Wade (Mt Maunganui) 3, Joshua Jarvis (Omanu) 4, Timothy Waller (Omanu) 5, Alex Bristow (Waikanae) 6, Charlie Haynes (Mt Maunganui) 7, Dylan Williams (Mt Maunganui) 8, Quaid Thompson (Waikanae) 9, Ben McCallum (Fitzroy) 10.

U19 Mens Ski Relay
Mairangi Bay (Ashton Reiser/Jonathon Reshef/Tuva’a Clifton) 1, Mt Maunganui (Charlie Haynes/ Lincoln Waide/Dylan Williams) 2, Omanu (Joshua Jarvis/Campbell Reid/Timothy Waller) 3, Waikanae (Quaid Thompson/Alex Bristow/Zach Ferkins) 4, Papamoa (Mason Bryant/Daniel Edwards/Scott Miller) 5, Fitzroy (Thomas Cole/Ben McCallum/Gregor Park) 6, Mt Maungnui (Maxime Jullan/Isaac Marshall/Daniel Barron) 7, Mt Maunganui (Nicholas Wilson/Morgan Brockelsby/Hamish Miller) 8, Midway (Reeftahn Brown-Terekia/Matthew Scott/Callum Torrie) 9, Orewa (James Scott/Ben Parker/Cole Drinnan) 10.

U19 Mens Board Relay
Mt Maunganui (Charlie Haynes/Hamish Miller/Daniel Barron) 1, Papamoa (Mason Bryant/Mitch Cowdrey/Daniel Edwards) 2, Mt Maunganui (Matthew Kriel/Maxime Jullian/Todd Reardon) 3, Sumner (Walt Robberds/Cameron Jeffery/Seb Johnson) 4, Omanu (Joshua Jarvis/Samuel Pasley/Fletcher Swan) 5, Mt Maunganui (Kane Sefton/Isaac Marshall/Morgan Brockelsby) 6, Mairangi Bay (Bayden Botha/Connor Beamish/Ashton Reiser) 7, Fitzroy (Thomas Cole/Grefor Park/Abe Larsen) 8, Midway (Matthew Scott/Callum Torrie/Blake Brown) 9, Orewa (James Scott/Cole Drinnan/Taine Johnston) 10.

U19 Mens Board Race
Charlie Haynes (Mt Maunganui) 1, Hamish Miller (Mt Maunganui) 2, Daniel Barron (Mt Maunganui) 3, Joshua Jarvis (Omanu) 4, Kane Sefton (Mt Maunganui) 5, Daniel Edwards (Papamoa) 6, Walt Robberds (Sumner) 7, Lincoln Waide (Mt Maunganui) 8, Ryan Delaney (Piha) 9, Tom Oolders (Lyall Bay) 10.

U19 Mens 2km Beach Run
Jacques Klavs (Wainui) 1, Lachlan Stevens (NPOB) 2, Max Salmon (Omanu) 3, Jack Gordon (Piha) 4, Jack Birch (Muriwai) 5, Nicholas Hamlin (Whangamata) 6, Sol Somerville (Sth Brighton) 7, Kieran Morgan (Waimarama) 8, Devan Flanders (Westshore) 9, Taine Wilson (Whangamata) 10.

U19 Mens Beach Flags
Jake Hurley (Mairangi Bay) 1, Harry Dods (Waikanae) 2, Liam Stephenson (Papamoa) 3, Calvin Vari (Red Beach) 4, Harry Roberts (Sumner) 5, Joshua Adams (Waikanae) 6, Stefan Powney (Orewa) 7, Robert Bailey (Westshore) 8.

U19 Mens Ironman
Matthew Scott (Midway) 1, Charlie Haynes (Mt Maunganui) 2, Daniel Barron (Mt Maunganui) 3, Blake Brown (Midway) 4, Hamish Miller (Mt Maunganui) 5, Daniel Edwards (Papamoa) 6, Ban Manners (Lyall Bay) 7, Isaac Marshall (Mt Maunganui) 8, Bayden Botha (Mairangi Bay) 9, Joshua Jarvis (Omanu) 10.

U19 Mens Taplin Relay
Mt Maunganui (Charlie Haynes/Hamish Miller/Lincol Waise/Dylan Williams/Kane Sefton/Daniel Barron) 1, Mt Maunganui (Lochlainn O’Connor/Maxime Jullian/Morgan Brockelsby/Nicholas Wilson/Declan Dempster/Isaac Marshall) 2, Mairangi Bay (Bayden Botha/Connor Beamish/Jonathon Reshef/Tava’a Clifton/Ashton Reiser/Conor McGorman) 3, Omanu (Lucas Piceno/Joshua Jarvis/Timothy Waller/Campbell Reid/Samuel Pasley/Fletcher Swan) 4, Lyall Bay (Lewis Clareburt/Atakura Julian/Ben Manners/Tom Oolders/Fin Meredith/David Long) 5, Orewa (Cole Drinnan/Taine Johnston/James Scott/Callum Tall/Ethan McCathie/Ben Parker) 6, Papamoa (Jacob Loughnan/Mason Bryant/Daniel Edwards/Scott Miller/Jahn Clark/Jack Bullock) 7, Waikanae (James Hart/Matthew Proffit/Quaid Thompson/Alex  Bristow/Zac Ferkins/Tom Dods) 8, Red Beach (Kees Kramer/Harry Mellor/Brodie Campbell/Jonah Cleminson/Sam Readman/Hamish Gledhill) 9, Whangamata (Liam Barton/Simon Cox/Nicholas Hamlin/Braytten Adams/Flynn Campbell-Scott/Carter Brydon) 10.

U19 Womens Run-Swim-Run
Emma Jane Godwin (Waikanae) 1, Ariana Moffatt (Papamoa) 2, Libby Bradley (Mt Maunganui) 3, Hannah Williams (Piha) 4, Jenna Barrett (NPOB) 5.

U19 Womens Board Race
Libby Bradley (Mt Maunganui) 1, Amy Barron (Mt Maunganui) 2, Adriana Bird (Mt Maunganui) 3, Hayley Cox (Lyall Bay) 4, Ariana Moffatt (Papamoa) 5.

U19 Womens Ski Race
Julie Orgeval (Mt Maunganui) 1, Amy Barron (Mt Maunganui) 2, Alicia McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 3, Kayla McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 4, Cassie Wilson (Fitzroy) 5.

U19 Womens Ski Relay
Lyall Bay (Hayley Cox/Kate Nota/Jessica Moore) 1, Mt Maunganui (Julie Orgeval/Amy Barron/ Molly Alton) 2, Mairangi Bay (Alicia McKenzie/Kayla McKenzie/Samalulu Clifton) 3, Mt Maunganui (Adriana Bird/Katrina Gadsbey/Hannah Treanor) 4, Midway (Alex Bermingham/Kirby Scammell/ Annabel Higgins) 5.

U19 Womens Board Relay
Mt Maunganui (Libby Bradley/Julie Orgeval/Julia Conway) 1, Lyall Bay (Hayley Cox/Kate Nota/Jessica Moore) 2, Mt Maunganui (Katrina Gadsbey/Amy Barron/Adriana Bird) 3, Mairangi Bay (Sarah Lockwood/Kayla McKenzie/Cleo Rose Wheeler) 4, Waikanae (Anna Ellingham/Lauren Pickett/Ella Van Kregten) 5, Midway (Jessica Blakeman/Danielle Scott/Olivia Corrin) 6, Fitzroy (Keely O’Keefe/Cassie Wilson/Sassafraz Marshall-Johnson) 7, Papamoa (Ariana Moffatt/Sophie Hayden/Kate Miller) 8.

U19 Womens 2km Beach Run
Eva Goodisson (Waimarama) 1, Maddie Mason (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 2, Emma Crewe (Fitzroy) 3, Olivia Gold (St Clair) 4, Alex Thompson (Piha) 5, Isabella Bassett-Foss (Waimarama) 6, Josie Minor (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 7, Summer Barker (Westshore) 8, Olivia Ward (Waimarama) 9, Chelsie Race (Orewa) 10.

U19 Womens Beach Flags
Casie Fyall (Waikanae) 1, Sinead Malley (East End) 2, Madison Kidd (Papamoa) 3, Sophie Twigley (Midway) 4, Alicia Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 5, Ashley Harding (Mairangi Bay) 6, Olivia Ward (Waimarama) 7, Chelsea Grant (Red Beach) 8.

U19 Womens Ironman
Hannah Williams (Piha) 1, Ariana Moffatt (Papamoa) 2, Jenna Barrett (NPOB) 3, Libby Bradley (Mt Maunganui) 4, Amy Barron (Mt Maunganui) 5, Julie Orgeval (Mt Maunganui) 6, Kayla McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 7, Hayley Cox (Lyall Bay) 8, Kate Nota (Lyall Bay) 9, Jessica Moore (Lyall Bay) 10.

U19 Womens Taplin Relay
Mt Maunganui (Amy Barron/Julie Orgeval/Libby Bradley) 1, Lyall Bay (Kate Nota/Hayley Cox/Jessica Moore) 2, Mt Maunganui (Grace Eglington/Moly Alton/Adriana Bird) 3, Orewa (Ella Drinnan/Stefanie Crncevic/Chelsie Race) 4, Waikanae (Emma Jane Godwin/Courtney Hoskin/Anna Ellingham) 5, Papamoa (Ariana Moffatt/Kate Miller/Sophie Hayden) 6, St Clair (Devon Familton/Lucy Matehaere/Olivia Gold) 7, Mairangi Bay (Grace Platt/Kayla McKenzie/Sarah Lockwood) 8, Mairangi Bay (Alicia McKenzie/Libby Bell/Samalulu Clifton) 9, Paekakariki (Katie Trott/McKenzie Jones/Hanne De Ridder) 10.

U16 Mens Board Race
Kees Kramer (Red Beach) 1, Oscar Williams (Piha) 2, Declan Dempster (Mt Maunganui) 3, Mitch Cowdrey (Papamoa) 4, Patrick Bitrd (Mt Maunganui) 5, Hamish Lockie (Orewa) 6, Sam Readman (Red Beach) 7, Joseph Wilson (Mairangi Bay) 8, John Clark (Papamoa) 9, Levi Ata (Orewa) 10.

U16 Mens Board Relay
Papamoa (Mitch Cowdrey/Aiden Smith/John Clark) 1, Red Beach (Sam Readman/Hamish Gledhill/ Kees Kramer) 2, Orewa (Hamish Lockie/Levi Ata/Liam McCathie) 3, Mt Maunganui (Daniel Miller/ Conor Dempster/Lochlainne O’Connor) 4, Piha (Oscar Williams/Oscar Dove/Conor Bradding) 5, Mt Maunganui (Declan Dempster/Taituha Woller/Patrick Bird) 6, Omanu (Mitchell Hooker/Connor Swanberg/Riley Kirk) 7, Lyall Bay (David Long/Atakura Julian/Luther Maxwell) 8, Orewa (Kees Ursem/Liam McMullen/Samuel Reinen) 9, Mairangi Bay (Joseph Wilson/Joe Holloway/Michael Slessor-White) 10.

U16 Mens Ski Race
Jordan McLarin (Karekare) 1, Hamish Gledhill (Red Beach) 2, Oscar Williams (Piha) 3, Sam Readman (Red Beach) 4, Cole Williams (Waikanae) 5, Declan Dempster (Mt Maunganui) 6, Jonah Cleminson (Red Beach) 7, David Long (Lyall Bay) 8, Reef Robinson (East End) 9, Jed Bullock (Papamoa) 10,

U16 Mens Run-Swim-Run
Nicolas Cecioni (Paekakariki) 1, Hadlee Dyer (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 2, Luther Maxwell (Lyall Bay) 3, Declan Dempster (Mt Maunganui) 4, Michael Slessor-White (Mairangi Bay) 5, Jacvob Loughnan (Papamoa) 6, Oscar Williams (Piha) 7, Benjamin Rowe (Mt Maunganui) 8, Atakura Julian (Lyall Bay) 9, Lochlainne O’Connor (Mt Maunganui) 10.

U16 Mens Ironman
Hamish Gledhill (Red Beach) 1, Oscar Williams (Piha) 2, Jed Bullock (Papamoa) 3, Mitch Cowdrey (Papamoa) 4, David Long (Lyall Bay) 5, John Clark (Papamoa) 6, Levi Ata (Orewa) 7, Luther Maxwell (Lyall Bay) 8, Atakura Julian (Lyall Bay) 9, Conor Bradding (Piha) 10.

U16 Mens Taplin Relay
Mt Maunganui (Lochlainn O’Connor/Declan Dempster/Patrick Bird) 1, Waikanae (Matthew Proffit/Cole Williams/Thomas Hart) 2, Red Beach (Kees Kramer/Sam Readman/Hamish Gledhill) 3, Papamoa (John Clark/Jed Bullock/Mitch Cowdrey) 4, Lyall Bay (Atakura Julian/Luther Maxwell/ David Long) 5, Orewa (Levi Ata/Kees Ursem/Liam McCathie 6, Piha (Oscar Williams/Conor Bradding/Oscar Dove) 7, Mt Maunganui (Benjamin Rowe/Daniel Miller/Taituha Woller) 8, Paekakariki (Thomas Downs/Nicolas Cecioni/James Hunt) 9, Mt Maunganui (Conor Dempster/Carwyn Williams/Oscar Bark Riki) 10.

U16 Womens Board Relay
Orewa (Lucy Makaea/Kara Drinnan/Holly Skinner) 1, Mairangi Bay (Ashleigh Phipps/Sashenka Reiser/Tiana Williamson) 2, East End (Hannah Baker/Claudia Kelly/Rebbekaa Robinson) 3, Midway (Olivia Corrin/Kate Blakeman/Alex Bermingham) 4, Omanu (Ella Pollock/Sophie Sandford/Grace Elisara) 5.

U16 Mens 2km Beach Run
Oscar Dove (Piha) 1, Liam Chesney (Lyall Bay) 2, Flynn Grey (Papamoa) 3, Ethan Kerins (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 4, Aiden Smith (Papamoa) 5, Matthew Oliver (Papamoa) 6, Matthew Bond (Whangamata) 7, Sergio Schuler (Whangamata) 8, Jack Spicer (NPOB) 9, Andreas Hamschhmidt (Muriwai) 10.

U16 Mens Beach Flags
Aiden Smith (Papamoa) 1, Ishmael Perkins-Banse (Maranui) 2, Couper Jones (Red Beach) 3, Flynn Grey (Papamoa) 4, Bevan Spragg (Fitzroy) 5, Lachlan Halse (Papamoa) 6, Matthew Bond (Whangamata) 7, Brandon Pearson (Orewa) 8, Matthew Oliver (Papamoa) 9.

U16 Womens Run-Swim-Run
Olivia Corrin (Midway) 1, Lucy Makaea (Orewa) 2, Aimee Daniels (NPOB) 3, Devon Familton (St Clair) 4, Tessa Bradley (Mt Maunganui) 5.

U16 Womens 2km Beach Run
Alexandra Edmonds (Lyall Bay) 1, Abbie Mortimer (Mt Maunganui) 2, Claudia Harrop (East End) 3, Tabitha Marshall (Mt Maunganui) 4, Ella Hghes (NPOB) 5, Daisy Whitehead (Omanu) 6, Georgia Rathbone (Waimarama) 7, Maisie Croft (Omanu) 8, Amiria Bates (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 9.

U16 Womens Board Race
Alicia Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 1, Rebecca Barron (Mt Maunganui) 2, Claudia Kelly East End) 3, Hannah Baker (East End) 4, Lucy Makaea (Orewa) 5.

U16 Womens Beach Flags
Georgia Rathbone (Waimarama) 1, Amiria Bates (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 2, Alicia Wilson (Mt Maunganui) 3, Sophie Sandford (Omanu) 4, Maisie Lundon-Moore (Fitzroy) 5, Holly Skinner (Orewa) 6, Shaya Fowell (Midway) 7, Tyler Burgess (Midway) 8, Caitlin Candy (Midway) 9.

U16 Womens Diamond Lady
Olivia Corrin (Midway) 1, Tessa Bradley (Mt Maunganui) 2, Grace Elisara (Omanu) 3, Aimee Daniels (NPOB) 4, Lucy Makaea (Orewa) 5.

U16 Womens Taplin Relay
Mt Maunganui (Tessa Bradley/Alicia Wilson/Rebecca Barron) 1, East End (Rio Dwyer/Claudia Kelly/Hannah Baker) 2, Mairangi Bay (Janelle Beamish/Tiana Williamson/Ashleigh Phipps) 3, Lyall Bay (Alexandra Edmonds/Emma Riseley/Eva Albiston) 4, Red Beach (Tania Denvir/Emma Hildesley/Emma Clarke) 5.

Open Men
Surf Boat Series Mairangi Bay Merkins (Wayne Simeon/Adam Jackson/Matt Kirke/Time Camerson/Terry Burbidge) 1, Titahi Bay Lingers (Jono Boyd/Brett Hamer/Jordan Tyrrell/Chris Middleton/Wil McDowell) 2, Mairangi Bay Mosquitos (Nick Laurie/Ben Ashby/Finian Scott/Rodney Stephens/Rob Jones) 3.

Open Women
Surf Boat Series Red Beach Muzzies (Billie-Lee Haresnape/Andrea Gerrard/Emma Wilson/Patria Harris/Shane O’Halloran) 1, Muriwai Maine Coons (Jessica Parkin/Louise Ayling/Nicole Owen/Lisa McCallum/Ricky Butt) 2, Piha Black Pearls (Jessica Ellis/Mariksa Visser/Charlotte Sue Haskell/Carmel Tolhurst/Mark Bourneville/Erin Tolhurst) 3.

Under 23 Men
Surf Boat Series Orewa Chargers (Callum Thomason/Ethan Hutchinson/Jasper Ballantyne/Ryan Carrigan/Mark McCarthny) 1, Whangamata Barry’s (Sam Stockley/Lyndon Vickers/Josh Kerridge/Brandon Dromgool/Andrew Jujnovich) 2, Red Beach Pirates (Rhye Jacka/Kyle Lennon/Alex Cassidy/Max Anstis/Ryan Davenport/Shane O’Halloran) 3.

U23 Women
Surf Boat Series Orewa Aces (Courtney McConnell/Emma Nesbit/Sylvia Mitchell/Kayla Fuemana/Stuart Handford) 1, Orewa Stars (Alysha Nesbit/Rachel Hellesoe/Sasha Ballantyne/Danielle Shrubsall/Mark McCarthny) 2,  Bethells Birds (Cherry Reihana/Nicole Jamieson/Lindsay Cleaver/Stephanie Hefford/Hira Edmonds) 3.

U19 Men
Surf Boat Series Bethells BLT’s (Daniel Wing/Elijah Fuluifaga ChanFoung/Joshua Whittington/Alex Kwak/Henry Backhouse-Smith/Joel Scheepens) 1, Waihi (Dylan Horne/Marc Everson/Mack Smith/Nicholas Wagstaff/David Grant) 2, Piha Power Rangers (Benji Lines/Finn McIntyre/Kaveen Hanthi/Joseph Jacob/Mark Bourneville/Shem Broekhuizen) 3.

U19 Women
Surf Boat Series Red Beach Angels (Jessica Cornish/Briana Smith/Tyler McDowall/Georgia Cox/Shane O’Halloran) 1, Waihi (Yvette Kingsford/Grace Clare/Sarah Pahlen/Katrina Pipe/David Grant) 2, Piha Pingers (Grace Jacob/Bernadine Flaxman-Hendriks/Anna Karolczak-Young/Kelsea Broekhuizen/Jordon Pope/Catherine Joseph/Cedric Bourneville) 3.

Open Mens Canoe
Ocean Beach Kiwi ‘A’ 1, Lyall Bay 2, Waimarama 3, Piha 4, Whakatane 5, Ocean Beach Kiwi ‘B’ 6.

Open Womens Canoe
Whakatane 1, Waikanae 2, Lyall Bay 3, Piha 4, Red Beach Rockin Reds 5, Red Beach Flying Herons 6.

U19 Mens Canoe
Papamoa 1, Waikanae 2, Ocean Beach Kiwi 3, Red Beach Newbies 4.

U19 Womens Canoe
Red Beach 4 Stroke 1, Fitzroy 2, Palmerston North 3, Red Beach Seeing Red 4, Ocean Beach Kiwi 5, Whakatane 6.

Overall Points
Mt Maunganui 178 1, Mairangi Bay 71 2, Piha 62 3, Waikanae and Red Beach 52 each 4 equal, Orewa 48 6, Omanu 42 7, Lyall Bay and Papamoa 38 each 8 equal, Midway 31 10, Ocean Beach Kiwi 19 11, Muriwai, Fitzroy and Waimarama 14 each 12 equal, St Clair, Waihi and East End 12 each 15 equal, Bethells Beach 10 19, Whangamata, NPOB and Whakatane 8 each 20 equal, Titahi Bay and Wainui 6 each 23 equal, Paekakariki and Westshore 5 each 25 equal, Opotiki, New Brighton, Maranui, Karekare and Sth Brighton 3 each 27 equal, Palmerston North and Sumner 1 each 32 equal.

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